Kids, Halloween and candy. What to do?!

Halloween is coming and so is all the candy. What do you do with it all if you are limiting sugar? Here is an idea that has actually worked in our family: The Halloween fairy!

Before trick or treating day, talk to your child about the Halloween fairy. She loves candy! And in exchange for lots of it, she will give you a thank you gift!

Our family does crystals. More on that in a moment.

After trick or treating, let your child sort through it all, keeping 3-5 of the best items. The rest goes to the fairy. She is very busy and it usually takes a few weeks for her to bring the prize.

Take all that candy and get rid of it. I will leave that up to you but recommend it is out of the house. Our favorite place for fairy to pick up her gift is Ed’s House of Gems on NE sandy and 77th ( or New Renaissance bookstore on Nw 23rd. Ed’s has a huge selection, all prices and quality. New Renaissance has a smaller but tasteful selection. When you have your treasure, leave it under your child’s pillow like the tooth fairy!

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