COVID19 Protocols

We take the health and safety of each person who walks through our doors very seriously. For this reason, we have multiple layers of screening before anyone can enter the clinic. We screen during reminder calls and before you enter the building. Everyone who walks through our doors will be asked the following questions:

  1. Have you had a fever in the last 24 hours of 100°F or above?
  2. Do you now, or have you recently had, any respiratory or flu symptoms (including fever, chills, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath)?
  3. Have you had a new loss of sense of taste or smell?
  4. Have you been in close contact with anyone with the above symptoms, or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 10 days? (If yes, we require a negative Covid19 test within 24 hrs of your appointment.)
  5. Have you traveled domestically within the United States or Abroad by commercial airline, bus or train in the last 10 days? (If yes, we require a negative Covid19 test within 24 hours of your appointment.)

If the answer to any one or more of these questions is yes, you will not be permitted to enter the clinic, even if you have a scheduled appointment and even if you are vaccinated. We can prevent missed appointments if you know the answer to any of these questions to be “yes” by contacting us ahead of your appointment time and we can switch your scheduled appointment time to Telehealth or reschedule for an in-person appointment a few weeks later.

Inside the clinic:

  • all staff wear k95 or N95 protective face coverings
  • we check temperature, blood oxygen level and pulse at the front door
  • a full sized sneeze guard is in place between the front desk and check in/out area
  • we disinfect all hands and all areas where hands touch (door knobs, pens, bathrooms, etc)
  • all treatment rooms are disinfected before and after every appointment
  • we have hospital grade air filters in every room that are on 24/7
  • Please note: **we require all people over the age of 2 to wear face coverings throughout the entire appointment regardless of vaccine status.

Additionally, we do not allow people to wait inside the clinic unless they are translating for the patient or are the parent/guardian of a patient who is a minor. The above screening questions and protocols apply to ALL people who enter the clinic. If your translator or parent/guardian is sick, or has been exposed to Covid or has travelled on an airplane within 10 days of the appointment and does not have a same day negative covid test, they will not be allowed inside the clinic. Please plan accordingly.

Please keep yourself and your community safe by staying home if the answer is yes to any of the above questions.