Resources and Links Beyond the Mainstream

Antiracism Education

Empress Rules-Empress Rules’ mission is to end racial disparities by working with organizations to create inclusive environments.

Jen Moore-“As a racially privileged educator it is my responsibility to dismantle systems of white supremacy for which I benefit and BIPOC are harmed. ..White people have a race, and it is crucial learning to see ourselves in the story of race, not existing outside of it.”

Education for Racial Equity-ERE’s approach to racial equity work is designed specifically to instigate longstanding integrated change in our participants, their lives, and hopefully in their families and communities. ERE offers a variety of events — BIPOC-only spaces, white-only spaces, racially mixed spaces — with facilitators, educators, and event formats, to meet the complex needs of this work. accountability-justice-w-dr-holly/id1496705925?i=1000521289297

Brief outline of history of race in US:

Tuskagee experiment:

Video of what it would look like if microaggressions happened to white people:

Free Healthcare for undocumented Oregonians – free healthcare from multilingual, multicultural providers from around the world. Interpreters always provided free of charge. – all children in Oregon are eligible for free healthcare regardless of documentation status!

Meditation app by and for Black Bodies:

Hotlines, alternatives to calling police:

Domestic Violence: 503-222-6222 Emergency shelter for families fleeing domestic violence. 24-hour hotline
available in Russian, Spanish, English.

Suicide: 800-273-8255 Lines for Life 24-hour crisis line, offers help to individuals and loved ones in crisis or when needing confidential help for drug addiction, alcohol abuse, thoughts of suicide, and other mental health issues.

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault: 503-640-5311 or 1-888-640-5311 Sexual Assault Resource
SARC’s 24-hour anonymous, confidential, free support line offers a safe place for survivors and their loved ones to get immediate support.

Mental Health: 503-944-8000 Unity Center for Behavioral Health 24-hour behavioral/mental health services center providing immediate psychiatric care.

Youth Hotline: 503-963-2575: Offers urgent mental health and drug and alcohol assessments, counseling, medication management, and community resources. Open 7 days a week from 7:00Am to 10:30 Pm. 4212 SE Division Suite 100

Youthline: 877-968-8491: a free, confidential teen-to-teen crisis and help line. Reach a teen to talk between 4 pm – 10 pm daily.
adults available by phone 24/7

Houseless Youth: 800-786-2929: 24-hr hotline offering support in finding shelter, food, medical assistance, counseling for runaway & houseless youth. Also provides mediation between family and free bus tickets home. Text: 66008

Racial Equity Crisis Line: 503-575-3764.: A service line dedicated to and staffed by Black, Indigenous, and people of color. All callers will get help from counselors who have experience dealing with racism and provide peer support.

Trans support: 877-565-8860: Grassroots hotline with a policy against non-consensual active rescue. Offers direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis—for the trans community, by the trans community.

Local Resources

Free Food Fridges in PDX:

Equitable Giving Circle-a community of people committed to creating peer-led, community- funded, transformational change centered on economic equity

List of Grand Ronde confederated tribal contractors, plumbing, electric, excavation, etc

Birth and Post-Partum resources

Build Your Nest, Kestrel Gates: Post partum website and workbook helps you plan and put info all in one place, training for post partum navigators and professionals

Her Holistic Path -childbirth education and virtual doula IG @herholisticpath

Tassie Teaches, Unassisted Childbirth Educator IG @tassieteaches

Black Mamas Matter

The Black Doula, Sabia C. Wade offers virtual full spectrum doula support

Black Women Do Breastfeed, support and resources IG @bwdbf

Aqiylah Collins (Portland based Traditional Naturopath, Reiki Master Teacher, Womb Doula, Peristeam Hydrotherapist)

Sabrina Elizabeth, Postpartum Planning Program IG @Sabrina.womb

Indigemama ancestral healing

Build Your Nest, Post Partum

Post Partum Care package subscription:

for Black, African, African American, African Diaspara Postpartum Queen postpartum care kits

Cater to Mom, Postpartum Subscription Box + Online Community


Steamy Chick Directory – certiEied vaginal steam practitioners “Our mission is to create an exceptional generation of professional doulas, particularly Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, Asian and other racially and linguistically diverse, underrepresented doulas, who can enter the workforce with sustainable careers, improve maternal and infant health outcomes, and meet the ever-changing needs of birthing and postpartum people.”

National Black Doulas Association a directory of doulas and other practitioners

National Association of Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color directory

Sista Midwife Productions, Black midwife and doula directory

BIrth App, Birth With Out Bias –


online training of qi gong techniques for families and healers of autistic children

Bodywork, coaching, art

Radical Well Being-Niema Lightseed

Here is a time-lapsed video of Niema creating the beautiful painting in our front treatment room and on this website in the entry boxes of reproductive health:


Black Moms Blog


From Mothers to Mothers ~ preserving multicultural postpartum wisdom:

The Mini Mocha Manual to pregnancy & Childbirth, the essential guide for Black Women by Kimberly Seals Allers.

Mama’s Little Baby: The Black Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy Childbirth, and Baby’s First Year by Dennis Brown and Pamela A. Toussaint

Black, Pregnancy and loving it: The Comprehensive Pregnancy Guide, for Today’s Woman of Color by Yvette Allen-Campbell and Dr. Suzanne Greenidge-Hewitt

Having Your Baby: For the Special Needs of a Black Mother-to-be, from conception to Newborn Care by Hilda Hutcherson

Post partum workbook helps you plan and put info all in one place

LGBTQIA focus:

MAIA Midwifery: offering fertility education, consults and support groups on line:

Woven Bodies: inclusive digital practice supporting queer folks and allies from family planning through parenthood

Childbirth Ed on-line series / private sessions via video chat

National LGBTQIA Health Education Center

Facebook groups: The Other Box, Birthing and Breast for Chestfeeding for trans people and allies.


The Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth by Stephanie Brill Queer + Pregnant, a personal journal by Mx. Jenna M Brown

Lunasea Scout Guide for Breastfeeding Families by Kait Moon The ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians by Rachel Pepper And baby makes more by Susan Goldberg

Confessions fo the Other Mother by Harlyn Aizley

Buying Dad: One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor by Harlyn Aizley Journey to same sex parenthood by Eric Rosswood

The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads by Eric Rosswood Subversive Motherhood by Maria Llopis

Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag by A. K. Summers