Old fashioned (but ironically blogging)

“Old Fashioned”Dr. Justin Ilsley10/15/13 My patients have commented that they like the fact that I handwrite my chart notes. Many of them have concerns about who is privy to that information such as insurance companies or unknown scavengers looking for personal data. I actually have one cash-paying patient who has insurance coverage but prefers to … Read more

Fall classes

We’ve got a couple of really wonderful classes coming up this fall at MHC! Mindfulness for Kids, ages 7-12, is being held on Oct. 11, a PPS in-service day. Check it out!https://www.facebook.com/events/576834522375305/ Then, in November, Beth will teaching Cold and Flus from a Chinese medicine perspective. Learn how different pathogens affect the body from a … Read more

Late Mama

It was a late start school day. So I was late in preparing my son’s lunch. I hurriedly cut up his cheese and nearly sliced my finger off. 3 band aids later I hurriedly gathered him to ride his bike to school. He would not. We both were getting upset. We were going to be … Read more