Cultivating Depth and Resilience: A Men’s Workshop (In person only)

Mississippi Health Center 4631 North Albina Ave, Portland

This will be an in person only event for 8-12 participants. Carve out three hours for something meaningful. This workshop, tailored for men and those conditioned as male, focuses on fostering personal growth and community among men through the cultivation of awareness, personal depth, and resilience. What to Expect? This workshop is designed to offer ... Read more


An Introduction to Qi Gong Practice

Qi Gong, literally translated to "energy work", originated in China over 3,000 years ago and is the basis for Tai Chi. The movements are very simple, emphasizing breath work with the goal of increasing energy flow and developing a greater mind-body connection. Qi Gong requires very little space and no special equipment - making it ... Read more