Tuning Forks

Beth uses tuning forks as a tool for healing adults, children and infants. These are musical tuning forks specifically designed for use on acupoints of the body. Another non-invasive alternative to acupuncture needles, these forks work through sound vibration. Two forks are used at a time, held on the skin over the acupoints, creating a vibrational musical interval based in meridian harmonics and cosmic tunings. Intervals will differ with the size of the fork and the vibration it emits. Each pair of forks is chosen for its specific healing properties and placed on the meridians in a protocol similar to an acupuncture treatment.

  • Babies and cranky toddlers stop mid fuss to listen and feel the effects of the tuning forks.
  • Babies in-utero may move positions in response to the tuning forks.
  • Adults and kids who are sensitive to needles can get a complete session of tuning forks or experience it in combination with a few needles.

The effects are profound, joyous and transformative for all ages.