Integrative Gynecology

We offer trauma-informed integrative gynecologic care for patients of all genders. Integrative gynecology combines conventional Western medicine with Naturopathic and Chinese medicine for a holistic, evidence-based, patient-centered approach to reproductive and sexual health. We can provide guidance and options for all the phases of life, from puberty to adulthood, pregnancy and motherhood to menopause. We treat a variety of symptoms, many of which (but not all!) are listed below. 

Dr. Jones strives to create a comfortable, safe environment for sensitive exams and topics. A full hour will be dedicated to understanding your complete health history and goals for the visit. Patient autonomy, control, and comfort are prioritized during exams. Treatment plans will be tailored to your individual body to address the root cause of symptoms, often combining pharmaceuticals with botanical medicine, supplements, and hands-on therapies.

Sampling of Services and Conditions Treated

  • * Annual gynecologic exam (pelvic exam & clinical chest exam)
  • * Pap and HPV testing* Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • * Contraceptive counseling
  • * PMS
  • * Painful menses
  • * Heavy menses
  • * Irregular cycles
  • * Breast tenderness/fibroids
  • * Uterine fibroids
  • * Endometriosis
  • * Pelvic pain
  • * Ovarian cysts
  • * PCOS
  • * Urinary tract infections
  • * Incontinence
  • * Vaginitis, yeast infections
  • * Peri-Menopause and Menopause support
  • * Preconception support and fertility
  • * Planning to begin IVF
  • * Hormonal balance/imbalance

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