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Maya Abdominal Therapy

Beth is a certified Arvigo® practitioner of Maya abdominal therapy and Arvigo® therapies after intensive study in the rainforest of Belize. These therapies include:

  • Maya abdominal massage
  • internal and external herbal rainforest remedies
  • spiritual healing
  • abdominal castor oil packs
  • faja hip wraps for low back support
  • vaginal steams

These therapies and protocols were refined by Dr. Rosita Arvigo after many years of apprenticing with rainforest shaman and H’men, Don Elijio Panti, and traditional healer and midwife, Hortence Robinson. I am privileged to offer these techniques passed down from these wise beings to her trusted instructors, through me to you.

Some common indications for Maya abdominal therapy may include:

  • menstrual complications
  • uterine displacement
  • digestive difficulties
  • fertility challenges
  • post partum healing
  • lymphatic flush of the vital organs

*Contraindications for direct abdominal massage include: first trimester of pregnancy, if cancer is present or suspected anywhere in the pelvis, acute infection of the abdomen and pelvis, if an IUD is present, or abdominal aneurysm.

Sessions may include the above therapies in addition to acupuncture, moxabustion, tuning forks, sound bowl healing, manual therapies in other areas of the body, breath work, and/or a variety of other modalities from around the world. All sessions may begin with medicinal herbal tea (not available during COVID19 safety measures), conversation about what brings you in for treatment, a detailed medical intake, discussion of an individualized treatment protocol, and setting achievable and measurable goals for optimum health. Treatment occurs on the massage table with the additional help of both local and rainforest medicinal herbs and infused oils. Self care will be taught to reinforce the benefits of this therapy.