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For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to treat diseases, facilitate healing and restore healthful vigor. Originating in China, acupuncture is part of a Taoist system of medicine that approaches each individual as an interconnected sum of physical, emotional and spiritual qualities, constantly flowing, changing and affecting each other.

During an acupuncture treatment, ultra-thin, sterile needles are inserted into specific points on your body. For most people, there is little or no discomfort from this process. In fact, many people (even those once afraid of needles) find acupuncture so restful they fall asleep during a treatment.

Portland Acupuncture

Widely practiced and accepted in Western cultures all over the world, acupuncture has proven highly effective for addressing a wide variety of health issues, including but not limited to:

 Sports injuries, plus other musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction
 Emotional imbalances such as depression, anxiety and insomnia
 Digestive tract complaints, such as irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux
 Asthma, allergies and other immune system stresses
 Gynecological complaints such as PMS, menopausal symptoms, dysmenorrhea

Acupuncture is also very helpful during pregnancy for alleviating morning sickness, gestational diabetes and sciatica. And, as a post-partum treatment, acupuncture helps to quickly rebuild strength and restore hormonal balance.

Whether you have a specific problem or just want to tonify and improve your overall health, acupuncture is a safe, relaxing and effective method for facilitating healing, restoring balance and improving vitality.