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Oriental Medicine

In the beginning…
One of the most enduring, effective and respected alternative health systems began thousands of years ago in China, and originated in Taoist philosophy. Taoist scholars viewed each human life as a complex, interconnected network of energy, which was determined by and manifested as physical, emotional and spiritual realities. This was the earliest foundation for what we know today as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

In their studies and practice, the Taoists observed that life-force energy, or qi, flowed through the human body primarily within definable channels, or meridians, which they could access and stimulate through specific points on the body. They also observed that these subtle energies fell into one of two categories, which they termed yin and yang. 

All of Chinese medicine is based on creating a balance and flow between these energies. When there are blockages in the flow or imbalances between the yin and yang, the body can become overwhelmed or toxic, thus opening the door to discomfort, disease and emotional disturbances. Any number of issues stemming from prenatal, environmental or emotional conditions, can disrupt the flow and balance of natural, healthy qi. 

What you can expect… In order to diagnose imbalances and determine an effective treatment for restoring your health, a trained Chinese Medicine practitioner will ask you a comprehensive series of questions, conduct a physical examination of your tongue, skin, eyes and nails; feel for specific qualities in your pulse, and may also use other, non-intrusive diagnostic methods. 

Over the centuries, Chinese Medicine practitioners developed many modalities for restoring balance and facilitating healing, such as acupuncture, moxabustion, cupping, massage techniques plus herbal and mineral remedies. Today’s Chinese medicine practitioner uses all of these. In addition, they may incorporate subtle electric pulses and/or thermal and magnetic devices, for stimulation of your meridians. Your practitioner may also prescribe dietary and exercise methods to help restore you to a healthful balance. 

In the state of Oregon, a licensed acupuncturist is authorized by the Board of Medical Examiners to utilize all of the above methods. Naturally, all of the practitioners at The Mississippi Health Clinic are Board Certified. We’re also dedicated to helping you realize your greatest potential for health and well-being through the practice of Oriental medicine and other mind-body-spirit health systems.